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Microsoft's Secret Project 'Lips' = Surprisingly gay karaoke game

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Here are the first photos of Lips for Xbox 360 developed by Japanese studio iNiS. Scheduled for November 2008, this new karaoke game will be playable with two wireless interactive microphones that react with the player movements and voice. You can also see that the microphones will have light indicators. We hope to get more information of Lips during E3.

See, here's the thing. I love karaoke. And I love iNiS (they made Ouendan). But I am not buying anything with a splash half as gay as that. The word 'lame' must not exist at their graphics department. Fix it, Microsoft!


The mics certainly look good, assuming they're real, but this game has a way to go before it can toe-to-toe it with SingStar methinks.



Source: GameKyo.com

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