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Schoolboy Found Hanged After His Father Confiscated His New Wii

Devia Eleven

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A boy of 13 hanged himself with his school tie after his father confiscated a computer game.


Jake Roberts wanted to play it on his Nintendo Wii console but couldn't because his sister was watching TV.


An argument developed and when his father confiscated the game Jake stormed to his room. Hours later he was discovered hanging from his bed by his father.



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Parents be-ware, taking away your child's play toy can wreak consequences upon thy family!


It seems like a Jack Thompson article! One that can be used by rating systems!


At the end of the article the parents "recall" on how the family watched a T.V show a few weeks prior in where one of the actors hanged themselves....


One thing confuses me though, the kid is called "bright" early in the article, and suicide is a stupid thing, so that means either, the article lied and he really is stupid in that case Darwin is proud, or the article lied and he really didn't commit suicide, which is also a good thing......sorta.

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