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FB Alpha Released!


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"FB Alpha or FBA as it is commonly known is an emulator of arcade games, that is, it takes the program code, graphics data, etc., from an original arcade game and emulates the hardware to make the game run in it's original form."

Added Mazinger Z, Metamoqester, Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends to the Cave driver

Lagged the sprite palette in all CPS-2 games - fixes issue in ssf2 attract

Tidied up the CPS-2 split graphics rom loading

Properly fixed the qadj ninja sprite bug without resorting to hacks

Changed the 68000 clock frequency in later CPS-1 games

Various fixes to the Double Dragon 3 / Combatribes driver

Added an Italian bootleg of The Combatribes to the ddragon3 driver

Added clone of Turbo Outrun and clone of Alien Storm to the Sega drivers

Added iq_132s Bionic Commando driver

Added iq_132s Ninja Gaiden driver

Matched all sets to MAME 0.125u6

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