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Teen girls made pact to get pregnant


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I'd bet money not a single one of these chicks is "hot." More like fat, ugly, and borderline f*ckable (but only with someone else's d*ck).

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come on girls.... homeless dudes. aren't the boys at your school better then that?


I think the girls were thinking of their male classmates; this way none of their male classmates will get expelled because they'll all blame it on that homeless guy! :)

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I read about this a day or two ago. Words can not comprehend how ridiculous what they did was. They not only possibly ruined their future or a successful career, now they have to care for a child 24/7. What do they think, mommy and daddy are going to take care of their baby for them, support them?


Nice of them to waste the rest of their life because of some stupidly ridiculous teenage pact, they'll probably try to collect welfare later on and waste hard working taxpayers money all because of a stupid decision they made earlier in life.


They could of at least done better than some random homeless guy though. :)

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