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Which anime you recommend?


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I foudn a site with these anime to download. Which one you guys recommend me to spend time on?


Anime List(ALL UPLOADED):-

1-AIR GEAR (complete)

2-ANGELIC LAYER(complete)

3-Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto(complete)

4-Basilisk (complete)

5-Beet The Vandel buster (complete)

6-Black Blood Brothers (complete)

7-Black Lagoon (complete)

8-Bleach (ongoing)and(movie)

9-Blood+ (complete)

10-Buso Renkin (completed) or(Arms Alchemist)

11-Claymore (ONGOINg)

12-Code Geass (ongoing)

13-Cowboy Bebop (COMPLTETE)

14-D.GRAY MAN (ongoing)

15-DARKER THAN BLACK (ongoing)

16-Death Note (complete)

17-DEMONBANE (complete)


19-Detective Conan (pending)

20-Dragon Ball (pending)

21-Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (complete)

22-Eureka Seven (COMPLTETE)

23-Eyeshield 21 (ongoing)

24-Fate/stay night (COMPLTETE)

25-Flame of Recca (COMPLTETE)

26-Fruits Basket (COMPLTETE)

27-Fullmetal Alchemist (COMPLETE)

28-Ghost Hunt (COMPLETE)

29-Gigantic Formula (ongoing)

30-Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (complete)

31-Initial D (all stages)

32-Inukami! (complete)

33-Inu Yasha (ongoing)

34-Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) (complete)

35-Katekyo Hitman Reborn (ongoing)

36-Kenichi (complete)

37-Kiba (complete)

38-My-HiME (complete)

39-My-Otome (complete)

40-Maze (complete)

41-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (complete)

42-Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (OAV)

43-Muteki Kanban Musume (Ramen Fighter Miki) (complete)

44-NARUTO (complete 220)


46-NARUTO movies

47-Night Head Genesis (complete)

48-Noein - to your other self (complete)

49-One Piece (ongoing)

50-Ranma ½ (all seasons)

51-Record of Lodoss War (complete)

52-Rozen Maiden (complete)

53-Ruin Explorers (OAV)

54-Sci-Fi Harry (complete)

55-Shakugan no Shana (completed +movie)

56-Sola (complete)

57-The Law of Ueki (COMPLETE)

58-The Slayers (complete)

59-The Slayers Next (complete)

60-The Slayers Try (complete)

61-Tokyo Majin (complete)

62-Trigun (complete)

63-Tsubasa Chronicles (complete)

64-Witch Hunter Robin (complete) (dubbed)

65-xxxholic (complete)

66-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (complete)

67-Zettai Shonen (COMPLETE)

68-Zoids: Fuzors (COMPLETE)

69-ZOIDS New Century /Zero (complete)

70-Pita Ten (complete)

71-Higurashi - no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) (complete)

72-grappler baki season 1 and 2

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Blood+, Eureka 7, FMA, Death Note.


Ugg, ya, :D.

Already downloaded Death note. So will work on the other 3 :o Does FMA series storyline more advanced then the Manga?

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