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Alone in the Dark... 68/100?

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German website 4players.de has reviewed the final build of Alone in the Dark. They rate it 68/100 on the Xbox 360, and less on the PS2 and Wii. This comes as a shame to me, since I was really hoping this one would turn out halfway-decent.


The link to the review is at the bottom but have a gander at these Pros and Cons first;



Impressive active combat system

Relatively open game world

Authentic use of fire

Atmospheric Central Park

Well-staged sequences driving

Nice skill deposits

Good Interaction with objects

Good particle effects (360)

DVD-Player Chapter features are good for new players and the frustrated (Only on 360, PC)



Story? Amnesia again ...

No thrills, especially for a horror game.

Poor dramatic direction and cinematography

Worst supporting female character in the history of the series

Annoying trial and error sequences

Too easy to burn monsters

Too much goofy slang

Over the top orchestral and choir interruptions

Problems with motion detection (Wii)

Nasty clipping and screen tearing (360)

Imagery on the cover is very misleading (360)

Faces and animation are extremely bad

No DVD-Player features (Wii, PS2)

Muddy textures

Only a few monster types

Most of the story is conveyed through text (letters, reports etc.)

I did my best to clean up those translations but check this translation of the review in full;



Source: http://translate.google.com.au/translate?u...en&ie=UTF-8

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if half of this is even true, it would be a big disappointment. I was really looking forward to a revival of this series. but this and Inky's comments just turn me off.

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Well crap, the OST is hype and everything about it in the tech demos were. Wonder where the hell they went wrong.

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from what I've played it not anything to write home about.

the combat is weird, you use the right stick to swing whatever you are holding and you can't combat in first person. the 3rd person view makes the camera act like it is stuck in mud the driving is lame in my opinion. I just got to central park though so I am reserving my final judgment until I get a little further into the game.

the graphics aren't great, there are lots of other games that look way better but thats not a big deal to me.

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