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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Fully playable on NDS

Devia Eleven

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Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games are fully playable with No$GBA. Although You have to look for a specially patched version of the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl download to play on the emulator with save / load working. No$GBA emulator saves and loads fine. Make sure you do not change any settings. Game speed is close to full sometimes and about 60% of the normal speed in the 3D scenes.


This is how Game Save/Load should be done: Start New Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Game -> Press X (Menu Button) to show menu -> Select Save Game. (DO NOT use No$GBA Write State option in the emulator menu) -> For loading savegames, next time You start the emulator loads the Pokemon ROM and it will automatically display the saved game and you have the ability to load it or start a new game.



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All I know is just change one of the Emulation Settings option:


NDS Cartridge Backup Media: Flash 512kb or Flash 265kb


and my game will be saved!


my emulator version: No$GBA 2.6 latest freeware version :)


there is also a paid version: No$GBA 2.6a with debugging features and anextra OpenGL 3D speed than the No$GBA 2.6 release

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