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I am a total newbie hear so please do not flame me to badly. I jsut joined here and to PSP Blender. I got game files but I am totally lost as to what to do after I use the BitTorrent program to download them. I have a bunch of WinRaR files so what now. How do I convert these files so I can put on PSP and Play. Any help wold be gratly appreciated,


And yes I did search but I am a total newb and I am lost!



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Yes, first unrar your file. It should give you a file name end with *.CSO or *.ISO.


Then you have to make sure your PSP is CFW-enabled. CFW mean Custom Firmware which allowed you to run homebrew or backup format of PSP games. How to do that, you have to do some research as it might turn your PSP into a brick. I suggest getting "professional" help from where you live.


After you have both, put in a memory stick into the PSP. Format it using the PSP. it will help create all the necessary folder. Then, copy the ISO or CSO file into the folder called ISO in the memory stick. there, you are ready to go.

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it amazes me that anyone doesn't know how to use winrar at this point.


download winrar. its free. double click one of the rar files. it will automatically unrar the other files too. as for how to get custom firmware on your psp, I can't help there as i bought mine already installed.

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