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Final Fantasy XI


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In your honest opinion...


Do you think leveling down and the insane amount of exp you lose when you get killed is fair?


I'm a level 12 (was 14) warrior and not only can't I use my weapon of choice anymore, but something really unfair happened to me a little while ago. I was healing with no monsters around what so ever (I checked)and plenty of people around me. So I figured I'd make a sandwich. I come back not 5 min later and I'm dead. Not only did I lose 220+ exp (to easy prey), but I went down a level. Why would Square put such a high penalty on dyeing? I think instead of losing this insane amount of exp for sometimes easy kills, if we die by the kill, we should lose the amount we were GOING to get. Not (apparently) 10% of what is takes to get to the next level.

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