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Robiza MAME WIP!


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Here's a poor translation of the original text:


This bootleg rom has modified to run on cheaper hardware.


It's very interesting to see what are the changes which have been made to the computer program can run on less expensive hardware.


Typical is to use a chip for sprite different: usually less expensive chips have less functionality and thus the bootlegger must find easier ways to implement the functioning of the game.


For example often an expensive chip supports multi sprite: the Roma should be amended to spezzatare the multisprite in individual sprite (Need a job on codes of the sprite, coordinated and well 'on) so that the game can work with the chip less expensive . Cosi 'happens to bomblord (bootleg of bbmanw) and dynablsb (bootleg of dynablst).


Usually implementation is necessary to make further changes such as moving the sprite ram in another place in memory or move some bit like the flip flip xo y, color etc..


The new chip could have a different way to signal the last sprite to draw (a marker).


The video chip is usually replaced the original chip has many records for many features, the chip has less cheaper records video; even here we need to find ingegnarsi roads open. Often offsets are different (the data needed to reach the screen and sprite). Often the priorities between the layers are managed in a different manner.


In the next release of the mame 2 bootleg will be enough working: some major problems of priorities and selection of the resolution but will be playable.




Bootleg the 1991 spikes besides this type of modifications it needed of the translation of the diagram so as to show new tito it and instructions in Italian. In this case the bootleggers they have used a mapping between the codes of the tile through a rom additional: the real code of the tile comes calculated with an intermediate passage of translation. Also the way to represent the tile from the graphical point of view is various: the order of the bitplane but also the distance between a bit and an other in the rom graphical. Also this is typical (sees the bootleg of aerofght).


Information --> http://www.emulab.it/robiza/?p=67


Thanks to EmuDreams for the news.

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