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PlayStation 3's RSX Chip less powerful than Xbox 360 GPU

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More or less, LSD is right on the money. It doesn't matter, because the big 3rd party games are on 2 out of the 3 systems anyways. PC gamers are coming into the loop being the 3rd man now these days as well.

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End consumers will reap the benefit. Gamers are spoiled for choices now. Same game, multi platform, choose which console you want to play it on. It's all goood!!!

Competition on the hardware front doesn't produce better games though.


If anything it comes back to me owning a machine that plays games, but if I want to play MGS4 I need to buy a different similar spec machine just because the companies are competing with eachother. It's BS.


Even if we only had one console or one standard, Kojima would have still made MGS4. He would have still made it as good as it is even if Sony and Microsoft weren't competing with eachother, simply because Konami would still be competing with Capcom and Namco and every other western developer.


The console 'wars' just complicate things for consumers and the competition doesn't produce a better game either. It just fleeces us out of more money.


PS- I know I'm indirectly making an argument for PC gaming here, but the fact is PCs don't get any of the exclusives either, so its not the unified standard I'm talking about really.

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PS. I find it hilarious that the 3 games used to support the PS3 aren't even released yet. 2 out of the 3 aren't anywhere near release either.


Heh...I'm not really supporting the PS3; I want those games to be on the Xbox 360/Wii/PC too. I even prefer the Wii to the PS3! :lol:

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