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My last couple days


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Here is what I have been dealing with not only my mothers cancer surgery but I had to rescue my sister and her 3 kids from this.



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Sorry to hear that, and also sorry, I couldn't watch the videos, too broken up with my low bandwidth.


This wasn't reported on our news at all for some reason.


For those who missed the IRC chat:

[07:52] state of emergemcy

[07:52] interstates shut down

[07:53] * Jitway sets mode: +o IJTFCindr

[07:59] Hello Jitway

[07:59] http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080607/ap_on_...vere_weather_58

[07:59] I was just there

[08:00] had to get my sister and her kids out of there house underwater

[08:01] underwater?

[08:01] What'ch you talkin' about Willis?

[08:02] 10 inches of rain in a matter of hours

[08:02] car was floating in driveway

[08:03] had to swim to get to them and managed to get them to my vechile one by one by swimming them back before coast guard showed up

[08:04] worst flood ever on record

[08:04] Holy cow

[08:04] You should have taken some pictures... that sounds like a movie

[08:04] shut down 3 major interstates

[08:05] ya well last thing on my mind was hey grab camera before I left house when she called

[08:05] true

[08:05] so could the kids swim?

[08:05] bridges out every where

[08:05] 1 could other 2 no

[08:06] how did you get the other 2 out safely?

[08:06] the whole city of franklin downtown is underwater that is where she lives

[08:07] put them on my stomach and backstroke baby

[08:07] I swim like a fish

[08:07] :devilboy:

[08:07] You're a good man... you see, there is a reason to live. You are Superman and you don't even know it.

[08:07] military training pays off

[08:08] Indeed, I'm sure it does

[08:08] I am watching new now the video is amazing it looks like a gaint lake in most of the counties south of me

[08:09] news

[08:09] and the rivers are still rising and dams are failing

[08:09] interesting

[08:10] this wasn't on any front page news

[08:10] nope just happened a few hours ago...guess Indiana is not big news

[08:11] like to never got back though since most road in that area are closed could not take interstate or the one major state road

[08:12] had to take a bunch of back roads and had to drive through some water about half way up truck door

[08:13] but I guess interstate 65 and state road 31 are 5 feet underwater close to there...got a couple big rivers in that area and they are out of banks big time

[08:19] dams at princes lake and lake lemon just failed

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Wow, just like what happened in Malaysia, only thing is this happens in a First World Country.


Invitation to CUM visit you still open?

Off topic, but yes :thumbsup1: Is your plan with BK still on?

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