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The OFFICIAL PS3 Vs X360 Vs Wii


Which system is the best in your opinion?  

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PS3 Hands down:



Networks to your computer via windows media player 9.

STREAMS divx,mpeg,mp3,vob, mp4 files.

also plays HD divx files (full hd 1080)

upconverts dvds and divx movies.

Internet browser, youtube compatible.

keyboard and mouse support. Free online play, XMB themes.

Linux capable. Upgradeable HD. Plays Bluray movies, and dvds, and DVDs full of divx files/mp3s and HD VOB/divx/mp4.



games that require too much HD space.




Xbox360, I dunno I don't have one.



Wii, fun for a while, then it blows chunks. Looks like ass in HDTVs.

just upgrade the hd in your ps3 i have a 250gb in mine no space worries anymore , and on the 360 i got a 120 that i can garuntee i will never fill up, my wii well um my son is having fun with it for now he is almost 6 so he is easily ammused.

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Sony's 2.40 FW which releases Tommorow


So, we're finally able to talk officially about PS3 firmware 2.40. Available July 2nd, this hotly anticipated firmware update has been the topic of discussion throughout various internet forums and our own site. Many rumors stemmed from supposed leaks, and we can now say that many of these reveals were right on the money. The features to be added in firmware 2.40 represent the biggest jump for PS3 owners, more so than 2.00 released a few months earlier. The key features of the update include the most-wanted things voiced by a majority of PS3 fans. In-game XMB and achievement-like trophies are the two biggest additions to this update.


In-Game XMB

Finally, in-game XMB will be implemented for the very first time. When one presses the PS button, it will bring up with entire XMB. No features are hidden in this menu; you will be able to see all of your Photos, Music and Video. While everything can be seen, not everything can be accessed from the menu. For example, if you want to click on a video, a message will tell you that the game will end if you proceed any further. This will allow players to jump from one activity to another quickly on the PS3. For example, you can jump from a game of PixelJunk Monsters, directly into Resistance 2. Then, you can quick to a video on the hard drive, and then listen to some music. It makes the entire system much easier to use.


While many features of the XMB won't be fully accessible whilst in a game, there are many things players will be able to do. For example, fully interacting with a friends list is finally possible. No longer do you have to quit the game in order to check a friend's message. You can add friends, check and send messages, and adjust Bluetooth settings on the fly. However, you won't be able to initiate a voice chat. You also will not be able to use music from your hard drive, unless the game is specifically programed to take advantage of the feature. Unfortunately, no games will be able to take advantage of in-game custom soundtracks when the firmware update goes live. (However, future games and game patches can enable this feature. It depends on whether or not the developer chooses to include it in their game.)


Unlike the Xbox 360's Dashboard, triggering the in-game XMB runs without any delay. You will be able to bring up the XMB instantly and use its features as easily as you would outside of a game. If you want to bring up the usual power options, to turn off the controller or system, simply hold down the PS button for a bit longer.


The other big feature of firmware 2.40 is trophies, PS3's answer to Xbox 360's achivements. Those familiar with achievements on Xbox 360 will find many similarities here, especially with the interface implemented. Under [Game] on the XMB, players will be able to find their Trophy Collections, which shows all the trophy-compatible games played. By clicking through, players will be able to see all the trophies they unlocked, and what trophies remain. Details on how to acquire each trophy are available -- although some will be hidden, similar to Secret Achivements on the Xbox 360.


Each trophy has a different value, represented by its Gold, Silver and Bronze color. Each of these trophies add to a gamer's "level," a representation of how many achievements they've unlocked. Each game can only offer a set amount of level, so each developer must allocate how many Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies they want to offer. The intent is to make each colored trophy of equivalent value -- a Gold trophy in Resistance 2, for example, should be as difficult to earn as a Gold trophy in Motorstorm. If players are able to earn all the trophies in a single game, they'll unlock a valuable Platinum trophy, which will add an incredible amount to a gamer's level.


The first games to take advantage of trophies will include Super Stardust HD, PAIN, Warhawk and PixelJunk Eden. Games that have been released before this firmware update must be patched to take advantage of trophies. For example, Super Stardust HD will be patched "within hours" of the firmware's availability. Obviously, future Sony first-party titles will all support trophies, but third parties are also planning on taking advantage of this feature. For example, Bioshock will include trophy support.


Developers will have to choose whether or not to include trophy support. However, if any previously released titles get patched (a la Super Stardust HD), players must essentially start anew to get any trophies. Trophies will not be retroactively awarded based on save data.


Gamer Profiles

Also new to firmware 2.40 are expanded gamer profiles. Previously, looking at a gamer's profile only revealed their avatar, phrase and languages spoken. Now, players will be able to see the most recent trophies you've acquired and your gamer level. Of course, players will able to see your information as well. Both of you will be able to compare the trophies you've acquired. Just like Xbox Live, you can see all the games both players have played, and you can see when each trophy has been unlocked. See an example here.


A Few Other Things ...

A few small things have also been added to the upcoming firmware. Now, you'll be able to see the time on the top-right hand corner, just like you would on your PSP. Also, the recently added Google search of PSP firmware 4.00 can now be found on PS3. (Be grateful that this firmware update features much more than its PSP counterpart.) Finally, you can now have up to 100 friends on your Friends list. Wait ... that's already available!


Honestly, we cannot wait for firmware 2.40. What we've detailed so far should give you a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming update. Of course, it's not like this will be the final update for the system ever -- we can be pleased in knowing that even more awaits us in the future. There are a few features that we need, like persistent voice chat -- but with the addition of achievements and in-game messaging, we're pleased to say that PS3 and PSN offer almost everything Xbox Live can, without the pricetag. The folks at Sony told us they'd thank the enthusiastic support of the fan community -- they listened to your requests of in-game XMB, and they've finally made it available to you. Undoubtedly, they'll continue to listen to PS3 fans and add even more functionality in future firmware updates.


Only thing they need to address is a centralized Server for the games. i Think thats what Qore should be doing, giving us the Option to pay for that.

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