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Buying a car...

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I suppose further down the road, I'll consider getting a more economic car, but it'll still have to be smokin' awesome. Milady needs her transportation to be freakin' hot. ^_^


80's caddys are the worst IMO. mid 60's caddilacs are the stuff.


I had a 75 caddy for a few years. I miss that car the most.


Dear God, that is gorgeous. My kingdom for a car like that one. Superb...

for any disagreements at least we have the same taste in cars.

for pure american iron sex on wheels nothing compares to a mid 60's lincoln continental



Just brought a tear to my eye. Seriously, I'm a completely ignorant when it comes to cars and what makes them tick. But seeing that, in all it's glory. Congrats Americans, you did something right, finally. :P

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Bah! This is a REAL car.



if you can't fit 6 fat mobsters and 4 bodies in the trunk then it just isn't a real car. :P

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