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@ES Beta 5


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@ES Beta 5 is a Multi-Frontend'


Get it HERE


Change Log

Please start your package fresh (Easy Set-up will make this easy)

(Just drag and drop your covers into the covers folder of Beta 5)


@ES Beta 5 Change-log


* CRC Bugs fixed entirely(Thanks goes to ECC for the tips and links )


* GBA, NES, SMS, GameGear, Genesis, 32X, SNES and N64 roms will need to be added to @ES one last time to be able to use the cover-packs that are now available for download(roms need to be scanned).


* Model2, ePSXe and SSF support is now included


* Can now have both ePSXe and pSX set-up to use at the same time (Press F9 in the rom list to switch emu's)

Same goes for VirtuaNES and NESTOPIA


* The executable size was reduced again from 630kb to 616kb!


* Better Skin support(still not complete tho.)


* Daemon Tools support(please edit the settings file manually and look for "DT=" as i forgot to remove my path.. so aes will not prompt you to look for the executable)


Daemon Tools is needed for ePSXe and SSF support.

Please set these emu's to use the FIRST Daemon Tools drive



Required settings for the new emu's are





Must set SSF to 1,5x screen size. Also go to option, options again, screen and change force aspect ratio to on.

Set the CD drive as your First Daemon Tools drive.





Must set the GPU screen res to 512 x 384, set the CDrom plugin to one of the CDR ones. Settings of the CDrom plugin MUST be set to your FIRST Daemon Tools drive.


Note: only Pete´s D3D GPU plugin has been tested and is the only gpu plugin that may work for now.


Thanks goes to @ruantec over at ngemu.com for this.

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