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w00t! I bought a wii!

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So now I can say I play more then NES!

YESS!!! :clapping:

It all started with my BF's best friend... he has a Wii and we'd go over there to play brawl % GameCube games... I FELL IN LOVE! So I got a Wii! No wi fi in my house yet... but that will be interesting!

So far I got the standard Wii Sports and Wii Games, both decently fun.

Now I bought Mario Galaxy & Mario Party 8!

Yeh, I'm such a tool for anything Mario! Mario party 8 is AWESOMENESS for anyone who liked the previous ones!

They added some really cool characters.... they will be yours to discover!

The mini games are sooo much fun and using the Wii remote makes it that much more interesting...


I still have to play Mario Galaxie, I got it 2nd hand (cd is BRAND NEW LOOKING THOUGH!) for 40.50$

The only thing I don't like about the Wii... being a newly modernized gamer.... is that the attachments are sooo expensive & you need sooo many!

Next move is finding some decently priced old gamecube remotes so I can start buying some games.... but THEN if you want to download old games from the Wii Wi-Fi store, you need the Wii Classic remote! THATS A LOT OF REMOTES!

Gets pricey don't you think? BUT in defense it does make a pretty multitasking and entertaining system! I'm very pleased.

OH and I had to call costumer service for some remote troubleshooting and they were SOOO NICE AND HELPFUL! Kudos to Nintendo!

Oh and sorry I haven't posted in forever.... now I'll have some actual game related stuff to talk about! :D

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my wii is collecting serious dust, every day I look at it and wish I'd saved my money......... it's now in a box in the closet along with my og xbox, gamecube, broken dc, and broken DSs.. I have a strange OCD, I can't throw away broken consoles... lol

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anyhoot I like it

I find it inventive

but I do have problems with my controler. sometimes it flashes on the screen and I cant move it..

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Now we need you dancing around to Wii games in gif form :V :V :V (we really need to invest in the :V emote)

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