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T-N-A .... What's your favorite physical area of the female body?



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Proportioned (more or less small) girl with ass please. But to answer your several questions;


What's your favorite physical area of the female body?

together with her: neck (offers erotic positions and a very hot view down there :( )

not together with her: smile


What do you prefer? The boobs or the butt of a woman?



What do you look at first?

eyes & smile, ass.



A cute girl with catchy eyes and some shapes to care - that's it. Doesn't mean boobs won't get attention, but I don't care them if I can't have them. A rude eyeball in the chest canyon anyway may destroy all the words written in this thread ;) .

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Big butts are horrible. I've never understood what you guys see in huge buts, and tbh I find it disgusting. I do the same as BK anyway. Symmetry hooooooooo. Nice face + the specifications under: perfect girl for me.


I'm borderline lolita when it comes to my preference in women xD. They have to be small, slim, and have medium-small boobies and a really small ass. That being said, I want them to be extremely curvy and flexible as hell.


Yeah, I'm a pretentious bastard, but that hasn't stopped me :huh:

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