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what emu/games are you playing on your xbox?


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yep skidmarks was pretty good back in the day, that game is made in New Zealand :lol:


there was supose to be a sequel in the works but the project was cancelled


anyone that enjoys these types of racing games should definately check out:



All Terrain Racing

Supercars II



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Xmugen All Day, something about 1400 characters that just keeps you entertained for a few hours.



Gutted I tried to put MUGEN on my xbox but loads of files fail when FTPing.... lots of the SF2 characters...


I striped it down and picked just a few to see if it loads but then, it freeze's stating no pads connected:(


I then downloaded a DC Vs Marvel version from de mon oi de but that dont load at all.....



So playing CoinOPS lite, going through the games and playing to completion

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