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what emu/games are you playing on your xbox?


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- The Naked Man Game (Ghouls'n Ghosts) on Mameox

- The Goonies, on MednafenX-NES

- Professor Layton and the Curious Village on Nintendo-DS


I do recomend:

- Zanac X Zanac on PSX

- Kitchen Panic on PSX



You should try Kitchen Panic.

It is a helluva platform game!



i was looking for some vids on youtube but i couldnt find any.

there is another platform game i seen before on youtube for the ps1,it was one of those never heard of games and i cant remember the title of it.

all i remember is you play a grown man then someone comes and turns you into a boy then after that you have to make your way through different platform levels until you come to the boss.then you are changed back to a man again to fight the boss.

any ideas?

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Just getting back into emu's on my Xbox....been messing around with CoinOPS and 1943 and Twin Eagle. I actually mess around MORE with my xbox than my 360..lol


Oh how nice it would be to play Daytona USA or SuperGT on the xbox :( I have Daytona for DC...but something about the arcade version...so nostalgic...and all the memories playing it on Saturn.

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I dont have a XBOX (I'm religious to Sony xD) but I wanna get one for emulators later, so when that time comes I probably will be playing some of the games supported in FBA-XXX :D


probably I will not use the XBOX for it's games because of my religion xDD, I think even my shoes are Sony lol


PS: For those XBOX religious ppl looking at this post, I come in peace :( .




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ive got a ps2 myself for all the great cave shooters and snk games,been rediscoveribg the gems of the ps1 lately through pcsxbox(raiden dx is the best).anyway you will like a modded xbox,i enjoy playing fba on xbox.

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testing some pcsxbox games thru starwind service. so far castlevania sotn is the only one ive tested.

soul caliber 2 oh and im going to try panzer bandit tonight for the first time.

whats the starwind service?

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starwind is a service to share your virtual drives(alcohol 120%) as a media server. its samba for your dvd drive


Seems to be a very interesting piece of software ^^, I might have a look at it later


I found some info here , if someone still wanna know more about it.


StarWind is an advanced, full-featured software-only iSCSI Target for Microsoft Windows (both commercial and free versions). StarWind enables anyone to quickly install and configure an IP SAN solution that delivers immediate benefits allowing storage to be consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed. StarWind (commercial edition) is an ideal choice for any sized business.








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