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Can someone explain to me what's so great about 4chan?


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Then we proceed to say YIFF IN HELL!


Unless something cute pops up then we'll be YIFF I-D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Also, Yiff is also posted on Fridays like clockwork (Furry Fridays). On the plus side theres Caturday (Catgirls posted everywhere! Like Felicia, cosplay), Titty Tuesday (Boobs, lots of it). Also on selected boards, theres Riderday (Friday), Panzupiri Day (Usually in conjunction with Titty Tuesday, other wise it's Thurdays or Mondays, depends on the users) and occasional Zetsobou Sunday (Mass posting of Zetsoubou materials).

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I'll stick with the Caturdays and the Zetsubou Sundays, thanks. While Titty Tuesdays are inviting, the amount of porn on 4chan on any other given day outweighs the pizzaz of the Tuesday in question.

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