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heads up coinops on usernet

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RLS Date ......: 4/03/2008 Game Genre .: Mamedox Emu

Platform ......: XBOX Origin .....: Region Free

Supplier ......: iND Files ......: 95 x 50MB

Packager ......: iND File Name ..: coinOPS.rar






* Ok after you unrar this you will have a folder called coinOPS inside that folder you

will see a folder called -SAVE inside that folder is two folders called UDATE and TDATE..

Ftp over the contents of them two folders to the UDATE and TDATE on the E drive on your

xbox. For CoinOPS to work correctly this is required for it to boot.


* Ftp all of CoinOPS to a location on your xbox hd or run it off a DVD.. if you run it off

DVD you will need to remove some roms as its to big to fit on a DVD5. I recommend for speed

and all functions to work, for CoinOPS to be run from off the Hard drive.


* If CoinOPS does nothing but sit there on a black screen the contents of UDATE and TDATE Was

Not Ftp to your hard drive correctly.


Whats new?


- 100 odd keymap fixes

- 300 odd games added

- New save, new folder for no confict

- New Classic sort method

- New Skin plus coding to make it 100percent

- New Simplified Settings GUI

- New Wording for simple language, less techo talk

- Removed clock check so it can boot straight from powerup for a Cabnet

- New Command line code

- New Patching interface

- Repaired bad code in the Romstatus code source as I may use it later

- Added Bendermikes Fixes for lightgun

- Changed Video filter menus and code to better support autofiltering



TIPS of the day


- Holding down the Y(yellow) Button while pressing up/down to select a rom does a superjump

(A will jump to B C D or 1989 will Jump to 1990 1991 1992) and will speed up rom searching


- Pressing Back will change the sort Method eg Times Played, Type of Game etc


- Pressing White and Back while playing a game will allow you to change your keys or to Cheat :)



Good Luck and enjoy


thank you BritneysPAIRS

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