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bugs/keymap changes in COinops!


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I am still downloading the thing and --- CoinOPS uses a FREE PLAY setting by default?

I can't believe... I really really really prefer to INSERT the coins on the old traditional way.

I never play a game without MORE THAN 3 coins.

It is the LAW in my life.



its not in all games but i have noticed it in a few streetfighter variants

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OK I fixed the streetfighter opening the config menu. Pin to start this fam


The other car games I remapped them all due to complaints and you want me to put it back to the way it is. Please tell exactly the way you want these car games I need to know


Turn L / R

Acellerate / Break which is done on the same control eg the mid point is average acelleration.

A turbo button.


please hicaow use key config and tell a way to make these better ill do them across the board no worries if you can



read the read me to work out how to change the Capcom setting Cheats and Keys.... its back plus white when your playing a game in SFA3 then change the key for this game for service mode. Get out of there then change the press the service mode key it will access alot of hidden options :) enjoy

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I haven't had the chance to try it out yet but I'm assuming autofire hasn't been re-added?


It's just I play mostly shmups - Raiden, R-Type etc - and for some of these autofire is a necessity, or at least saves extreme wrist pains!

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superslam: gives the following with me: Malloc failed. Out of memory.

superslams works.


Remark: Chase HQ, Roadblasters and SCI is under `shooters` but as per me it should be better under `driving` catagory. These are still racing games but with shooting option.


For the rest very good football roms were added!

I suppose this release is almost perfect, only save state/load state can give some problems.

Do you think this can be better programmed in future?

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Sure.....ill look at saves being better. Im about to release a massive patch most of these changes will go in...


I can move them into Cat ill look into cat for the patch as it was only a quick hack at the time...ill spend a few hours and remap some and maybe add another Cat or 2 any suggestion hear is all good...I dont want to many though



Does anyone else have issues with superslam I dont seem to its wierd.

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as you know im running my xbox in a cabinet so have custom button layout - ive tried to keep it as similar as the xbox pad, but it still must be usable in arcade form. i dont have the thumbstick buttons at all so any game that uses that is unusable - also my white and black buttons are used in a different layout so all the streetfighter games the layout is wrong. as the current settings use b and y for hard kick/punch. first of all i will let you know how best it is for those 6-button games





the driving games seem all over the place with different keymaps for each game :)


my request is to have a unified cab patch which will make the driving games all have the same acc/brake/gear/turbo.


problem roms so far for me:


APB - Turn is L/R Triggers and accelerate is always on


IRONMAN SUPER OF ROAD - Turn is L/R Triggers , turbo is UP on DPAD , Y is accelerate


IRONMAN SUPER OF ROAD TRACK PACK - Turn is L/R Triggers and accelerate is Y, turbo is UP on DPAD. accelerate doesnt seem to work then after a couple of seconds of game time it switches to accelarator always on????


BAD LANDS - Turn is L/R Triggers


INDY HEAT - DPAD UP is name select button for menus and Left thumbstick is acclerate


F1 EXHAUST NOTE - acc/brake is R/L trigger


HANG ON - no button mapped for acclerate


HOT CHASE - Left thumbstick is acclerate


HOTROD - Turn is L/R Triggers, Left thumbstick is acclerate


OUTRUNNERS - L/R is brake/acclerate


POLE POSITION II - analog stick doesnt turn, but DPAD does. Right trigger is acclerate


RAD MOBILE - Wierd non returning dial settings so when you push left and release it stays left??? And right trigger is acclerate


SUPER CROSS 2 - L TRIGGER is accelerate


WEC LE MANS 24 HR - L/R trigger is accelerate/brake


Not a driving game but:


ARKANOID - uses L/R Trigger to move bar left/ right


SCI - acclerate and turbo are mapped to A so you have to use turbo straight away


ROADBLASTERS - L/R Trigger is steer left right


the above is what the games are currently mapped to, i think they need to be unified to something like this


A - Accelerator

B - Brake (perhaps turbo in games like ironman as you dont use brake)

X - Gearshift hi/low

Y - use item (shoot - turbo etc)

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