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We have had quite a few great reviews here over the last few months. Here's a quick summary of them;





[4/3/08] Sonic Adventure 2 Battle by Devia Eleven


[3/8/08] God of War: Chains of Olympus by L.S.D


[3/13/08] Bully: Scholarship Edition by emwearz


[3/13/08] Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure by emwearz


[3/13/08] Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition by emwearz


[3/13/08] The Godfather: Blackhand Edition by emwearz


[3/13/08] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by emwearz


[3/13/08] Mario Strikers Charged by emwearz


[02/02/08] Zombie Hunters 2 by Agozer


[1/15/08] Crysis by Wizard






[2/2/08] Swap Magic and Magic Keys by Devia Eleven


[1/29/08] Nintendo DS Lite USB Battery Charger Dock by IJTF_Cinder






[1/15/08] I Am Legend by Don_illMatix






[3/27/08] Future Addict - Marty Friedman by Jitway


[3/25/08] Serpent - xGODx by Jitway


[3/23/08] Loudness - Metal Mad by Jitway


[2/6/08] Faith No More - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime by Skythe


[2/6/08] Zimmers Hole - When You Were Shouting at the Devil by Jitway


[1/31/08] The Good, The Bad and The Queen by Wizard


[1/30/08] Sixx A.M. - The Heroin Diaries by Jitway


[1/19/08] Deja Vu Decibel Disease by Jitway


[1/18/08] Kingdom Of Sorrow Debut Album by Jitway


[1/18/08] Brainstorm Downburst by Jitway


[1/15/08] Sebastian Bach's Angel Down by Jitway


[1/12/08] Avantasia - Scarecrow by Jitway




...and our first ever




[3/30/2008] Soul Calibur III by Devia Eleven

[Click here for the video review][Click here for the text review]




Omg, what a long post. :P On behalf of all the staff at 1Emulation I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site's reviews this year. Special shout outs have to go to emwearz, for rolling out all those reviews all at once, Jitway, for keeping our music reviews alive with a staggering number of articles, and of course Devia Eleven for being the first one to have a crack at the daunting video review.


I feel embarrassed posting such a long list and having contributed nothing myself, but I suppose I'll have to get around to a Turok review at least... sooner or later. Anyway thanks again to all our contributors and make sure to let them know what you think by dropping a comment in our Reviews & Rants forum!

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