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yea pops is pretty damn good, the problem is finding the games you want to play. big fan but i find a lot of old games are better off as memory than revisiting. then again devil dice is still as good as it was for me day one.

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Depends on if you like RPGs or not :/


The PS1 era was my least favourite in video gaming history so colour me biased when I say no, it's not worth it.

Are you crazy? Don't you enjoy RPGs? :P

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Some people find JRPGs too tedious and overly flashy with little actual substance. At least that what I've been hearing.

I don't have a problem with them being overly flashy but they do lack substance, their storytelling is poor and overdrawn and generally the gameplay itself it pathetic. Turn-based RPGs generally fail in my book. Doesn't help that the PSX library is full of them.


Also going from decent 16-bit 2D graphics to piss poor 3D didn't help my likedness for the system either.

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