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Popping the cherry. ePsxe graphics? issue.

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I apologize for my forum ignorance(first post EVER) so perhaps there are a few that will help me learn etiquette. I'm running FF8 ISO, works fine, until the intro movie starts at which point both video and sound are playing double time. I'm fairly new to using emulators, but so far has been very successful until I started using ePsxe. Maybe someone could at least give me a little insight on where to find answers to my questions. So far the only help I could find was that my FPS was too high. But as soon as I think I've found the happy medium, the game freezes. Seems as though the higher the FPS, the better the graphics look. Appreciate any response. Repulse

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Try these settings, specially with the FPS Limit

Many thanks illMatiX! Not a single problem. Now, is this a standard setting scheme, or game specific or other? I'm very interested in emulation, and thought you might be able to point me in the right direction as to learning about various aspects of them. Or to forget about it if I don't have a chance. Regardless, Many thanks.


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A good settings scheme when using the latest Pete's OpenGL2 plugin, looks like this: (note, these are my own settings; they work best for me. That doesn't necessarily mean that it works perfectly for you.)




* Enable odd/even bit hack in Special Game Fixes


Also, if you want to learn about different aspects of emulation, it is recommended to be as specific as possible. Ask on the forums all the questions you need an answer to, that why you signed up after all.

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