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arcades2.0/xbmc pimpedHD!


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ok im making this thread to hopefully try and gather some support for these releases to happen.And also to maybe get a few suggestions put together for an altogether new xbmc experience.

the old thread i think is pretty messed up so maybe a clean slate is needed and a new thread should be started to try and keep it in the public forum.so if this thread can generate some good ideas and support then we can hopefully see an arades patch and a pimped out xbmc in hd! -_-

britneyspairs didnt ask me to make a new thread i am doing this to keep these projects going and hopefully remain in the public-forum.




ps/please no more mentioning sourcecode!

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whatever happens with this,im gonna be sticking with your biuld bs,i dont really fancy having all those games from the prehistoric age on my hdd.

I didnt like the comment one bit about "getting in line and kissing his ass".thats just bull*hit.

right thats it,after all the demanding hes done wanting every single crappy rom and demanding the sourcecode,f*ck him.

i dont know why you gave him the sourcecode bs,after all the crap hes dished out on this forum and the other forum,you should have told him where to stick it.

what gives him the god given right to demand anything?bull*hit.

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So, to keep submitting .. i can't remember if the request was already asked about this ARCADES2.0 release.


I usually do a massive use of autofire when playing shooters or beat'em all.

Could we expect such a cool feature here ?


Yep it's like cheating ! but i'm too lazy and slow button pusher.

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Autofire wont make it into the next build but will after this one. Im just waiting on RX to do something more out of interest than anything, arcades plus has been done for a bout 4 days now.....fumanchu I gave him the source he asked for because he has little to no knoweldge i really just fecking with him, he has no idea how big a thing it will be to do what he wants to do with his knoweldge.

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ok sorry but rx threw the game totally off.


Screenshots of all but current games (missing real ghostbusters and armed formation) is here please look you have one day to grab them




rejected games for clutter mostly, please comment a little if you want, not to much though





date of release well I have to add security to make sure clutter doesnt happen but still allow rom load... id like to redo settings so people need to tell me setting they want to keep or they may find them most gone.


plus I need to finalise the rom list...so you will need to comment soon or ill lokc it into stone and carry it out. Then ill need someone to sync the builds and release it. I would release a beta but last time beta was released and had a couple of issues like mainevent didnt work correctly but it got out as the proper release even though beta only lasted 10days. If I trust someone for sure ill give them the beta but wont the betas out its real close to going live and that will be up to someone else to release it as I dont release builds just give them files they need and the help to release it.




PS not all but 80-90percent of games ive added


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had a look through the files.


had a look through the rejected games and some of them remind me of old atari2600 games,geussing most of them are from the late 70s and early 80s.please keep them rejected.

all in all i liked the look of a lot of the games that you are including so as always looking forward to this release. :shootem:

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hey BritneysPAIRS. just like to say thanks for all your hard work. man this brings back so many old memories for myself, i feel like a kid in a candy shop being able to play all these arcade games on my xbox!



i looked through all the rejected games and the only one i would like to see put back is star castle a.k.a starcas.zip... yeah yeah i'm an old fart but loved to play that game back in the day.


ps. i have this sweet video that i think says it all, maybe you can add this in some way to the Emu don't know though just a thought.





Again thanks for all your time and hard work so we can have such a sweet Emu like this for the xbox!

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