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My DS Lite is not charging nor LED lits for charging indicator.


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I have this problem with my 2 months old Nintendo DS LITE, when i plugged to AC power source and charge the battery, there's only a blink orange LED light comes once and it goes. I changed the AC adapter and also put a new battery but it's still the same.


I went back to the vendor with my receipt but to my surprise , they said there's no warranty (i'm outside the US & Canada).


Is there a possibility to repair? If someone knows what is the IC component to be changed within, i would much appreciate your kindness...



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What country are you located in? Here in Canada there is a minimum of a one year manufacturers warranty on electronic devices and a retailer MUST accept a return.


I'd check the laws where you are, and if something similar applies and you are still within the timeframe, DEMAND the retailer exchange it or you will contact the authorities. Don't put up with crap from retailers EVER.

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BAD I had the EXACT same thing happen to me, the battery isn't dead or broken, but the mobo is shorted out :-)

I just got mine replaced with my bought warranty from best buy, and I got a black one instead(white ones get stained) :)

only help: replace by warranty(don't do nintendo, they wont help you too much they will give you a crappy statement and never ship it back to you(in my experience)

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