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PSP Emulator 2008-03-01 released


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Thanks to AEP Emulation for bringing this to our attention! :)


This is a proof of concept I made of a PSP Emulator with a debugger using D programming language and DFL library. Currently, the emulator only emulates a few instructions and a few BIOS calls.




- Partial (and buggy) lighting support.

- Some cleanups.

- Starting gui for breakpoints and gpu (not working yet).

- Corrected callstack.

- Some fixes; more homebrew demos supported.

- Temporally skinning broken.

- Temporally shaders disabled.

- Updated binaries.

- Reduced size of the font used in dissasembler and memory viewer.

- Allowing reduce dissasembler window size; now imports won't overlap).

- Initial support of opening files (not working fine yet).

- Threading support currently disabled (I have to fix some issues).

- mstick and reflection demos not supported yet




- Buggy skinning support.

- Implemented guLogic




- Now using shaders (opengl >= 2.0).

- Very fast clut.

- Now I will be able to emulate sprite behaviour (sprite.pbp) with vertex shaders.

- And probably hardware morphing and skining.




- cleanups

- clut support

- y-axis correction.




- more 3d support and more fpu instructions supported

- texture mapping




- Now can run a lot of integer instruction and some of the FP ones.

- Also emulates a little of the GPU with new opengl support and support more library imports.

- Fixed some bugs.

- I found mips specs so it will be more easy to implement cpu (except for allegrex-specific instructions).




- First Attempt (Buggy)

>> Get it HERE.

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