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5 signs she's into you!


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oh my god....reading these things is like reading astrology BS. Its just so generic you can't really prove it wrong. I just walk up to chicks and ask them if they want some dick/if they like big dicks. If they become offended they aren't my type and I ask the chick next to her.


Although the proven best ever method is OOPS MY DICK POPPED OUT AND I HAVE A RAGING BONER! Then you get to watch all the girls in the room fight over you while trying not to make it too obvious (If you have a big dick) and its terribly amusing. Especially the ones that are flocking PISSED because they have a boyfriend there. You would probably have to be at a party or something where everyones drinking for this not to just be obscene flashing. Thats the only time it happened to me anyway. I sort of fell out of the bathroom. I don't really know why I had a boner because I wasn't jerking off in there or anything. If you have a small male organ, you will probably just get laughed at.


Or maybe I hang around too many sluts. But who cares, theres a big difference between trying to get laid that night and looking for a relationship. (I can't even be bothered to look for relationships anymore, I just wait for one to fall into my lap and accept/deny accordingly)

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