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Phleon 1.2 released

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Version 1.2


* fixed small rendering coding mistype in window title bars in window emulator

* fixed image importing so that other files can be used, and many more are now supported, as long as it is at or below 256 by 192

* made selection double click instead of single(on the skin info window)

* fixed the first color dialog to keep the same color, and in full view mode automatically

* made second HEX color dialog update color faster

* made all windows except for the window position editor not stay maximized when its task bar is double clicked

* progress bars apparently switched when loaded, now fixed

* system icon now supporting the green transparency key like the exit button did

* made all exported BMP's into 24 bit to avoid incompatibility with the RAM type of bitmap(32 bit when alpha is used) and the type the DS can handle (24 bit)

* title bar in the DS Preview was wrong, now fixed

* Dynamic pictures for people to use on the news posts to show if the current post is current or not.

* Save Buffer system so that you can overwrite the file you loaded from

* removed choppy milliseconds that semi-purposely annoyed people

* removed the Current time, as everybody should have it

* retain current work path so you don't have to re-navigate to it all the time.

* ani loading(no view yet)

* the startup and shutdown mp3 loading(no sound yet)

* the startup and shutdown mp3 loading from converting from another format(OGG, WAV or a big MP3)(no sound yet)

* Play and Pause functionality for animations

* Masterman has volunteered for another language, Portuguese. So for you Brazilian people and others that speak that naturally: Portuguese is comin' your way =) (Portuguese is now done!)

* made encoding process better and more safe-proof, also made terminal(CMD) output replica not flicker, this uses the LAME.EXE

* LAME is included with it so that you can encode your own mp3's through it for startup and shutdown at a custom bitrate. For WAVs you must use pure PCM codec as for some reason it hates it otherwise and not at 32Kb/s bitrate, don't ask why though.

* Correct Image size scale down and up(size wont matter anymore)

* Dutch translations has a few mistakes, which was supposed to be fixed on Feb. 12th but due to problems was not done.

* Now there are tooltips for all the import menu items and some in the file menu to describe what they do.

* Translations for German now correct

* About box with click able link to my email, and other various information

* Making the scroll bar smooth and moves where mouse is like the progress bar

* Added the bevel on the window emulator that you can drag around and stuff

* fixed the file fbar image rendering (was switches as well)

>> Get it HERE.

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