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American vs Asian Comic Design


Which one is better?  

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have u guys seen any HK style comics i like those a lot but the stories r kinda lacking. American comics each have there own style which is great but for some reason it's hard for me to get into. Japanese manga have mostly simple design and easy to understand stories ( at least the ones i read) so i like them too.

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Their isnt a choice for neither. Both have over exagurated comic figures. On one end, over buffed shemales (is thats how you want to put it) and and the other side, 6 ft, huge eyes with the biggest hooters anyone has ever seen. I like to watch anime dont get me wrong, i also liked watching the justice league , x-men, and all the other western good stuff. But im not a fan of comic books. Hell the last book i have ever read was the cat in the hat book, which i dont think i even finished. I do have my brothers comic books but i dont bother.

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Your artwork is amazing.



Hey ! Thank you Fatal Rose..... :(


SO, did you see my real designs... as you can see, I really like women as topic for an artwork. The same goes with comic and "manga" or even anime. I put a lot of attention in the way they are designed, and that's why I asked everybody about differences between American and Eastern comic. I said before that I like American comics because I consider that characters (specially women) look better in terms of proportion and real details...






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well I am a hardcore Otaku (wow why did I just admit that :clapping:) and I grew up with manga and anime so its damn there apart of my culture. but I am big on literature period and I can say that I have to say that I like comics a litte more than manga. most manga stories are fun and usually interesting but I lose that interest really quick because theres alot of Repitition in manga.


I mean look at the shonen jump Library! I swear Naruto, Bleach, straight up almost EXACTLY like DBZ and while I know I am going to get flocking fryed for this...it gets old. dont get me wrong its like dynasty warriors ya know? if it aint broken dont fix it...but even dynasty warriors TRYS to break the mold a little. ahem lol



that being said...I will always love anime and manga because its just one of my favorate things to do but I will say that I think american comics do a btter job of telling a store. even the redundant X-men comics still have more flare than bleach or naruto(all shonen jump manga/anime)



btw. Rubio you have alot of skill man. very nice^^

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