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I can't drink water

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get used to it and then u won't taste it anymore so drink loads of water everyday

Thats what I tell her, she used to when she did construction work on pools. But she says she still tastes it. I do taste it in water, "it" as in everything.... I bet I can tell you what brand of purified water you are handing me in a blind taste test. But I just thought that was normal...She on the other hand can't stand it. The problem is... water has no taste... so it takes on whatever is in it...


Even smell ionized air??? it has a strange dead smell... or something... this weird smell. All they do is ionize the air, to remove crap, but it leaves this horrible odor... I believe, that if you did a process with water, it would have the same effect.


I can taste crap in water.... especially when I don't drink it often... which is bad. But when I get on a water kick... I don't really notice it. Right now, thinking about it, my mouth is watering, with a slight metallic taste... just like with tap water. Funny thing is I know just what she is talking about with the sweet taste, in shower water.


Water... which is the basis of life, is what your body needs. When you drink anything else, your body has to separate it to use the water, and then has to flush the remainder out.... WITH water. It takes 6 equal cups of water, to effectively flush out 1 cup of soda. So think about that if your a soda nut.


I'm going to get back to drinking water alot, and I'll make her drink it too. Then well see what is up after a few weeks of that.

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I've actually studied water treatment. Water definitely gets a unique taste from the things that are in it. At a treatment plant, you don't just remove everything in the water. Part of the process is leaving things in the water to give it a taste the public agrees with. So it's 100% natural that you would taste metals in tap water. Purified water may just not be completely purified, or it may be some sort of psychological thing, where you expect to taste the metals, so you do.

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meh water is water. I drink it from the tap and well it tastes like...... water.


bottled water is one of the biggest scams ever conceived.

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Is that weird? does anyone have this same problem or know what's wrong with me?
No, it's not just you. I taste it too. Especially if there is a drastic difference in the taste, I'd spit it out. Try drinking distilled water.


Dunno if you are in the USA, but I definitely tasted the difference in water over there. And the Americans put that into their soft drinks/soda too. Tastes weird. And corn syrup in Coke? That's just wrong.

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Tap water tastes like metal. I can feel it too. And not just metal. The chlorine in it makes me hate it. However that person that said that you taste what your body needs, she's right, it's because your enzymes in your spit start taking what your body needs right from the moment you taste it. This effect is usually more pronounced with tap water in my case anyway.


Bottled water is not the biggest scam, inky. At least not in Europe, don't know 'bout you yanks. But here, it's much healthier to drink bottled water than tap water, because of the obscene amounts of chlorine they stick in tap water to kill all the bacteria... At least bottled water comes from mountain springs, and goes through a purifying process that does not use chlorine and other crap.

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At least bottled water comes from mountain springs, and goes through a purifying process that does not use chlorine and other crap.

if by "mountain spring" you mean a warehouse garden hose in jersey then yeah. I used to live in a place where the tap tasted like ass. and we got water trucked in by a service. it was supposed to be artisan well water. well guess what I saw one day? the service truck parked by a fire hydrant filling up the tank. many people in the community were paying 25 cents a gallon for water from a fire hydrant.

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