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Well since Blu-Ray has more or less won

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Here's hoping the next unified format will be holographic and bigger and cheaper and all that thingie :o


edit: anyone actually bothered to watch the vid? it's tre funny ;)


They stole it off the ps3 and xbox360 vid. They should have been more creative, i knew what was coming in the video. Funny, but unoriginal.

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Just because the PS3 uses Blu-Ray, does NOT mean the format will stick around as a general consumer medium. There were loads of systems utilizing custom CD formats, the Gamecube has it's own mini-disc format, the Dreamcast had GD-ROM........


What you and millions of other people don't seem to understand, is that a video game system has ZERO bearing on the success of any given media.

Mini Disc format was mainly used for Gamecube only, it was almost nowhere else to be found and had no promotion. GD-ROM is unheard of by most people. Ask any average joe what kind of disks were used for Dreamcast games and they will say CD-ROM.


And you know damn well PS3 is the Sole Reason for Blu-Ray winning the format war. For a long time, PS3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market and its a Next Gen Console. Its getting heavy Promotion, and it WILL be the next format to take over DVD. Especially since the 2009 move to all digital service, everyone is going to have an HDTV. DVDs look fine on 32' HDTVs, but some people who get 52' screens are going to want to watch good quality movies. So the PS3 Quadruples as a Media center, Internet Browser, Next gen Game Console and High Definition Movie player, It definitely secured the win for Blu-Ray.


Add this on top of the fact that Xbox 360 is NOT A reliable system to buy, and PS3 FTW

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Fool, don't take what is forced upon US citizens to be worldwide rule. Forced ATSC broadcasting is what is happening, get your facts straight. That won't force everyone to buy an HDTV.

It wont FORCE them, but im guessing alot of people will go that route. Simply because of better picture quality. Some wont, but so far here in NY, almost everyone i know has at least one HDTV in their house. We have 2 here.

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No, the PS3 isn't the sole reason why Blu-Ray is winning. It's players' prices are dropping like flies and more studios are picking it up. That's why it's winning. Small compairison, Sony's PS3 (40GB) still retails at $399.99 USD MSRP while Sony's BDP-S300 has dropped to as low as $299 USD MSRP.


Blu-Ray is still a little more expensive to make over it's HD-DVD competitor, but studio adoption is why it's winning. There are also some studios that adoped BOTH formats and Warner Bros. is working on a unifed dual HD-DVD-Blu-Ray Disc, which IMO all companies should adopt.

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I never got what was so great about HD and BR movies. DVDs are big enough to provide enough sharpness in a picture, anything higher than that would be unnecessary.


Dude, No way. I agree that its not necessary to enjoy a movie (I still don't have an HDTV and don't really plan on getting one for awhile) but you can't deny that its amazing looking and somewhat enhances the experience depending on the movie because you can see more like in the background for example - Or say Superbad, If you watch that movie in HD you can tell that half the actors where stoned the entire time, their eyes are bloodshot as hell, (Or at least thats my fun little explanation) Or how about something like Planet Earth? Completely different experience in HD.


Anyway, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD probably are a waste (The formats, not HD), everyones pretty close to digital distribution which makes the whole thing pointless.

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just like the beta vhs war. wherever porn goes the public follows. neither format has truly won until you can buy greasy porn in HD

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high def is a scam...

Buy a pricey cable,

Buy a pricey HD cable box,

Pricey TV,

Rpicey HD dvdplayer,

Then buy the pricey HD Dvds,


Im only a victim of it becuz i luv my games in the highest grpahics; so i bought the tv to match the console.

Then again i guess anyone can say the same about all the other HD stuff.

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