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FBA Enhanced R15 -> xbox port?


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i don't really know anything about coding. i'm just wondering if it's possible to port FBA Enhanced R15 to the xbox and make it run at full speed. it's different from normal FBA because it has CPS3 support, and it does it better than Nebula / MAME at the moment. it would be great if it ran better than CPX3. is anyone working on it?

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Possible? Yes. Likely? Not at all. I doubt that it would fare any better than CPX3 with CPS3 anyway. I was never excited about CPS3 emulation really as I already had SF3 for DC/XBOX.

Ultimately, whoever attempted the port would really only be doing it for the 6 measly CPS3 games anyway. Not worth it IMO, but if it happens then all the better.

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