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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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my post just gave ya 3 very good movies lol


I got true grit on 700meg rip but it looked like shit, so i grabbed the bigger one, i got the fighter too but that too looks rough for a dvd screener rip - i wonder if there is a better qaulity version...


Edit: 127 hours has hit

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both the versions of true grit and the fighter I got were over 1gig a piece. but they were fine quality. True Grit was quite though. I had to crank my TV all the way up.

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The fighter - Great movie, loved the charecters, funny as hell when all the women jump in a car to go and rough mikys girl up, skank!!!!!!


Bale does it again great acting look how much weight he lost for that, is that even normaly or healthy to do that?

The olny thing that dissapointed me was the fights, they could of looked a lot better, wallberg looked like he wasnt any kind of boxer at all, i kept seeing gay swings and shit. Bale touched home on my former crack addiction :huh:

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