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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Transporter - it was good.
Best live action anime adaption ever, well it isn't officially but come on, the writer must have seen Riding Bean before doing it it's almost identical. King of Fighters, not as bad as the Tekken film, but maybe thats cos I aint that familiar with any backstory for KoF?
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The karate kid 2010.

It was OK and chan did a great Job.

It follows some of the plot from the old one, it's your usual "flips and shit" and that little chinese guy who replaced Johnny lawrence looks like an evil crazy chinese son of a bitch.

Some boring bits like when the "kid" is talking to his girl and there like "Everything is amazing!!!"

I just wanted to punch my monitor threw.

Remember the Crane kick at the end of the old karate kid?

He does not do that ;P

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