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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Clash of the Titans

ugh. storywise it's not anywhere near the original story of infighting and backstabbing gods using man to one up each other. the Human story of Persious and Andromeda's love at first sight or Calibos' jealosy.

In this we get One god who wasn't even in the original attempting overthrow of Zeus. Calibos is almost a non character, not a demigod or holding Andromeda under a curse?!?! what the fuck? Andromeda is also a non character.


effects wise of course it is great, better then the stop motion of the original. but there is a charm to the old stop motion that is lacking here.


The butchering of Calibos' story is what really chaps my ass.

I don't even need to see the old one to know this one sucks.

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A scanner darkly - an odd film staring Keanu reeves its cel shaded animated and supporting roles are handed to woody harlson and robert downy Jnr, its a funny movie but with some boring inbetween bits, check it out of if you got a few hours to kill there is a rip on isohunt.


Ninja assassin - Man this was great, old school sections with new ideas, guns vs ninjas...

Good fun.

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I seen a lot of films over the weekend.




An animated flick well worth checking out wouldnt buy it though.


Green zone: Not as cool as you would think with matt damon and the director of all the Bourne movies.

Was ok but defently wouldn't venture to the cinemas to see it.


Philadelphia - Tom hanks + Aids + denzel = win.


Surrogates with bruce willis: A future with cyborgs - if it had bruce blowing shit up and fighting a lot more it would of been 1000000000 times better. Just your average future with robots with a twist.


Wall-E: I loved this movie!!!


The crazies: Now we are talking, good old fashioned virus infects a small town and sends everyone crazy. Good stuff highly reccomend it. I spotted two big mistakes in the film heh. Good casting and continuity.

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Epicly Later'ed - John Cardiel. cool doc on a legendary Skateboarder who got run over by his own team van. was paralized but fought his way back to walking.

SNL Best of will ferrell.

One Crazy Summer.


currently letting Iron Man 2 Screener buffer a bit. edit: never mind... that shits in russian. maybe I'll watch the first one again.

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I enjoyed the Crazies.

I like pretty much everything Timothy Olyphant is in though. His TV show Justified kicks major ass

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