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w0rst Movie You've Ever Scene?


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For me it would have to be The Cell with Jennifer Lopez. I even payed money to go to the theaters and see that movie. In the end I nearly threw up. It was extremely disgusting. One of the scenes was when the "Devil" was pulling out the guy's small intestine. (this was like a 5min scene since intestines are very long :( ). Also the way the entire movie was put together was just stupid. Basically they would go into "Bad" guys minds and fix their problems. However the bad guy in the movie was a rapist, so they were trying to find where he was holding the women. Anyways, I don't recommend seeing it, since it was utter crap! :lol:

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mine are

1. matrix reloaded (the crappest film ever)

2. dare devil

3. contreal damage (arines WORST film)

4. chain reaction (reeves again)

5. US marshalls

6. men in black

7. star wars II (worst than 1!)

i really hate these films with a passion :lol:

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Dam swamp thing you hate some good movies :lol:


As for crap movies well...

If there that crap i normaly stop watching them well in advanced of the closing credits...


Probablie films with pamela anderson in they were pretty crap :(

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Worst 3 in no particular order (They all suck beyond belief!)


1: The Blair Witch Project

2: The Ring/Ringu

3: House of 1000 corpses


These movies just sooooooo suck ass!

DooD i found the blair withc pretty scary.


As for the ring, well i was a big wuss with that one i thoght i was going to have a heart attack. :lol:

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all movies are getting boring. They make it predictable now. The only good parts are action or dramatic/emotional. Comedy is probably the only worthwhile movies out there :lol:. but otherwise:


1. She enters house.

2. She dies

3. Killer is boyfriend (SUPRISE!)


Whee :(

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nowadays, movies are just like music... dead. :lol: all the good ideas have been taken. if they havent been taken, well then, they shouldnt be. they see their only hope, to make a film work, is to glam it up with cgi and special effects. its gotten so bad that most people will only go see movies entirely for their special effects, rather than the story. oh god, and when they try and remake a classic film, nothing sucks more. :D its like, "da, yah, we're all out of ideas, so lets take a movie that everyone loves, and destroy it. our excuse will be that we are "paying tribute" to a classic film, by putting the story, dialogue and characters through a strainer, and then filling in the gaps left over with cgi, cgi, oh yah... and more cgi." ;)


anyways, the worst movie i have ever seen... Moulin Rouge. i dont know what in the hell was going on there. :( second place, goes to the 2001 remake of the 1968 classic sci-fi film... Planet of the Apes. out of all the horrorable remakes i have seen, this one takes the cake.

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As for the ring, well i was a big wuss with that one i thoght i was going to have a heart attack. :lol:

emsley u should watch dark water its's got the same writer/director as ringu and i crapped my pants at it but its a real slow burner :(


PS u know the matrix reloaded is just an ad for the next one AND its really boring but then again i did enjoy hulk and T3!


i saw sixth day last fri

Arnie :"u should clone yourself"

bad Guy: "why? so i can c things from your unique perspective?"

Arnie "no, so u can go F**k yourself!"



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