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I URGENTLY need a Virus and/or Stealthy file destroyer.

Elazul Yagami

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I need a virus or a stealth program that destroys picture files, as in deletes or corrupts them, failing that i need something that will destory a complete hard drive . the files should be unrecoverable.

i know there are some boot programs that destroy hard drives, but i won't have enough time to sit there and monitor it.. i need something i can run, and leave the computer... and have it run everytime the computer is open.


it's for a good cause, i'm not trying to do anything evil with it.

any suggestions?

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someone stole my work, i know who the person is, and they don't know that i know they stole it. they have nothing else but the os on their computer (fresh install) , i want that person to hafta format their drive to be useable, and i want to make sure that they have no hidden copies on their computer of my work. That person will NOT delete the work if confronted, and will probably make several copies in case i attempt something.



make sense now?


ask anyone that's known me for a while, i have no malice in me, but i must do this. in a manner of speaking, it truely is a matter of life or death.

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The closest thing I can see is this:



AFAIK, there is no secure way to delete singular files with specific file extensions. Because, if you try to target specific files, they can be recovered. Thus, wiping the whole harddrive several times with a military grade harddrive eraser is the only real option here.

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Solution: Knock em out and take your comp back.



Secure Harddisk Eraser seems like the best idea though. Although you might be on a trim for time.

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will you have access to the computer for atleast 5 minutes? if so, it will be easy to delete/format their drive


all you need is the windows xp cd, boot it up, then Press R for recovery console.


once in there you type the following


format C: /q


this will format the drive (in this case C) liken in less than a minute.


type EXIT to restart the computer, take the disk out and be on your merry way.

But doesn't that still leave files on the drive? Files that have not been written over can easily be recovered. I actually have an app, that will restore anything that has been "erased" unless the file has been written over. When you "recover", all you do is reset all the parameters to base. Right? And it tells the OS, that you have X amount of space available. But actually, the files are still there, (considering they haven't been written over) and all you need to do is run the recovery app. Or am I wrong.......


Also, if the work was stolen, isn't it just as easy to make a disk of it? And if so, wouldn't this make your efforts vain. If I got ahold of something Like pics of my buddies wife... heh... (I don't) Id have them on a disk, as to not have incriminating evidence on my computer....

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a project that took me about 8 months of fulltime work (and is ALMOST complete)

it was my pet project too, so it's pissing me off even more.

i can't include details, but if successful, i might be able to donate quite a bit of money to 1emu (and get my site back up) , problem is, i'm very detailed in my coding comments and my plan files, so any one that understands anything about coding can understand my objectives and such, and code the rest of the project and market it (they can even release it as a beta/alpha as is)


he himself is not smart enough to finish it, but i don't plan on risking it, and as digital stuff goes (and in a country where piracy laws are well... laughable) i really do not want to see my hard work making someone else money. i doubt he's made backups, and i also doubt he'll know the value of the work until he looks at the user documentation.


fingers crossed that he's stupid enough not to make a backup, and that i manage to get access to his computer and nuke the damn thing.

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