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Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcades full upgrade patch


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BritneysPAIRS, Can I play it with DVD?




If you want to run off DVD copy across Tdata Udata to E:/ or burn "Xbox Save 2.ISO" and run disc. Then ISO up all the folders and files in root directory and put in the disc to play (WARNING install save first!!!! also Keys arnt allways mapped correctly, Cheats, Highscores and changing keys wont work from DVD)


***** Running from DVD is not recommended for best use. It works but many little errors and bad speed...sorry it will actually fit onto a standard hdd :(

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Hi, sorry for bugging you I know that you’re working hard on your next project but I have a question on arcade about saving. I already setup the buttons to save and to load but I keep run into a problem, after I save my position and when I decide to load back to my save position it freezes the emulator and I have to reboot my system. I want to know if I am doing something wrong. The saving option is very important to me, to fully enjoy your emulator. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. :(

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i totally agree with member Lordpro; its an excellent emulator but it should be perfect when the options

(start+white)load position (start+black) save postion should be solved. (game saves)


this option never worked perfectly with mamedox but if someone could make it better...?


on some games it works whithout any problem but on several games `screen freezes` and you need to reboot the xbox.

on metalslug 3 and metalslug 5 (load/save is crashing), on mslug 1, 2, 4 load/save position works great.

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load save is a feature of HK build never mine I know of many bugs in those releases I dont really allow bugs so please post load save questions in thread to do with HK build. This is built to remove bugs not allow half working features. Sorry but this is the wrong place.


also remove all links in forums its against the rules. people can find the stuff and someone might package it up nicely for you I only code the features and make sure its 100percent bug free.


Also I am 95 percent though another project when its done if a list is assembled somewhere of features ill put a tick or cross next to any of them but it needs to be in one consistant place for ease for me or a project manager to cover all the ideas and ill tell him the story and he can keep track of it. My goals are SF3 3rd strike but need source add video previews and skin it nicer for that. Remap a cab version

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