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Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcades full upgrade patch


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The full release to the Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcades upgrades pack





Read the rules, links to rom/romsets are not allowed here!




Instructions: Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcades


1. Copy Mamedox platinum 2 (3.39 GB) to your Xbox {file located somewhere on the web-find it)

2. Drag and Drop the Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcades patch dir into the Mamedox plat 2 dir overwriting the old files with new.

3. Copy the saves in the Mamedox Platinum 2 to Arcade dir (- Save for Arcades) into your save folder in your e partition, overwriting any existing Mamedox save files

4. Enjoy (run Arcade emulator)



This release runs every game listed:


Game List text file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=19VLI53I



Brought to you by BritneysPAIRS :banghead:

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this has been asked for a few times its pretty easy to about a 2minute job. I will be looking at this in a cab build but need someone to think about how a cab would be better setup eg no settings....well hidden ones anyway so people dont go in there. Better keymapping and any other stuff


Keymapping on everything else is fine. Back is Credit on FBA-XXX so that works well, start is start. My six button layout uses A,B,X,Y and L&R triggers, I have black and white on 'shifted' (i.e. P1 start held &) trigger buttons, again this is fine.


Hiding the interface is not a major issue for me, but I guess it could be handy. The biggest problem is one person credit feeding while another presses start which results in the game quiting...how about left analogue click being mappable?

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Thanks for the release, Britney's Spears!


Thanks for the new release, but still no way to change the default controls...I would like to change the 'quit game' command from 'back and start' to a user defined key combination...


I second this. Never liked the BACK+START command in all Mames on Xbox.



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