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all of the sudden when i load svc chaos plus on nebula it says this game is locked? and i can hear it but the screen is black (i can't see ANYTHING)! what happend? why is it doing this? can anyone help?

can anyone help?

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Can anyone help? Im getting the common "unable to load program roms" error while trying to play SVC on the newest ECGC NRX hack (test version 4.2). I even put in the "supposed" latest P1 and M1 files (got them from neogamez but i dont know if they have the latest ones) and still got this message. Strange thing is that with the ECGC neorage hack that came with my SVC ROM i had none of these problems. I tried the ROM before and after replacing the P1 and M1 ROMS on the ECGC hack that came packed with my ROM and the ROM loaded on that particular one. I even put the exact same settings on both hacks and it worked with the ECGC that came with my ROM. Why is this happening? I like the newest ECGC cuz it has a more simpler and easier to read list than earlier versions (which had weird names list Last Blade 2 H1,H2,H3 etc). Am i doing something wrong or is it the emu? Oh btw this also happened with SSV.....

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Hi everyone im kinda new to this but could someone please send me a few links for SVC Chaos (plus or normal) for neo ragex to the following email adress.




Thanx very much :-D

This is a forum. We don't send replies via email.


Try this link: http://www.emustar.com/Svc_chaos_snk_vs_capcom

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