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Thanks to all you guys out there, my svc chaos works fine in nrx, but I can't seem to get the pause button to function. Can anyone help me with this? Thx in advance!



P.S. I wonder what happens when a thread reaches 100+ pages? :(

The SELECT button has issues in Console Mode. Why do you play in Console Mode anyway? For practice?


There are quite a few games that have issues with the SELECT button in NRX...

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I got blood. There is only blood in Japanese console mode. Nor in American or European console mode, nor in any arcade mode. So dip switches don't do anything in this case, I suppose. And by the way, I know very well about dip switches, but in other games there are only time and difficulty settings, so i haven't thought there can be blood settings too. Anyway, thank you guys.

Alucard is absolutely right about this. Blood only appears in Japan Console mode. Setting the soft dip switches does not work for enabling blood on this rom dump.

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wassup everyone... im new to this forum.. as u can tell.. anywaiz.. i was wondering where i can download the SVC Chaos rom that will work for NRX.egcg?? (im sorta familiar with lingo cuz i read all 50+ pages of the ssv.zip post lol and i actually got the rom to work after making sense of it all)


i know this isnt related to the svc chaos, but i wanted to know where i can dl Rage of the Dragons also for the NRX.egcg... looks like an interesting game... thanks!!!

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