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269-v4.bin          B57B4EA3

269-v3.bin          F8810665

269-v2.bin          675159C3

269-v1.bin          E7203930

269-s1.bin          BC670454

269-p1.bin          D005C51E

269-m1d.bin    7F01DAC5

269-c8.bin          DE99E613     

269-c7.bin          56AC5FB9

269-c6.bin          37371CA1

269-c5.bin          BA2A7892

269-c4.bin          A69D523A

269-c3.bin          F4D4AB2B

269-c2.bin          3EB28F78

269-c1.bin          465D473B

Looks like you're using the SNKX boss-patch like I do. Can you tell me what is exactly required to play Firebrand in the hell stage? I want to check it out with FBA to see if there are any glitches there. Thanks!


Edit: Nevermind. I got to the Firebrand + Hell stage myself. It works fine in FBA.

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Hmmm...interesting, you must tell me more about this FBA.


@Mr.X Thanks for the patch pack. There still problems but I was looking for a good compilation of patches to have for my files.


I would also like to thank james and Mr.X of course for helping me. I am just going to stick with my copy. Its still good and there's nothing to complain about. Anyways, I have the PS2 version which is hands down the best out there...so im happy. :P


Hey FirebrandX, whos your favourite character? (besides firebrand)


I can play pretty good with Kyo, Ryo, Iori, Violent Ken, and Kim.

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Heh, you and I play the same characters!


As for FBA, I prefer it over any other Neo emulator because it runs the smoothest on my machine and is open-source, so I get to write my own drivers without having to worry about dat files, loaders, or hacks. It also emulates CPS1/2 and a few other hardware modes.



BTW, I was playing in Japanese arcade mode when I checked out the Hell stage. It may be messed up in console mode, so I would need to confirm.


That reminds me:


Just an update with regard to the "Zero crash". I've been doing some testing and I've found this crash ONLY happens when the region is set to Japanese CONSOLE mode. It doesn't happen in any of the other regions, console or otherwise. Not sure if that was already noticed or not. It also might be worth investigating how other bugs behave in arcade mode/other regions...

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Why of the people here always play in Console Mode? Console mode is only good for one thing: Playing Practice mode in fighting games. (if a game has that option.)


I use Arcade Mode, always.

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