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I name all my roms according to game as I don't like to use clones.

SVC I just renamed to SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos.zip


I've never gone into the MAME/Kawaks/Nebula type renaming such as svcbl.zip or svcplus.zip


If you care for this info, my SVC rom was originally named Svcplus.zip

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OK now my svcplus works but only the midbossess came up s.akuma,serious karate,red arremer,and athena aren't on the select screen.


im running on the new neoragex. :(  :)

I don't have them either. And it's Shin Mr. Karate.

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Hello everyone, I got rather an original problem here. It isn't about neorage or running the game. Its a few small problems that I hope can be fixed for svc chaos. Now, for me the problem is this:


1. While facing Red Arremer in the Hell stage, two problems occur while i fight him with Iori. i) During the match the game produces a high pitched sound and then crashes. ii) The game just crashes when I perform a special on Red Arremer.

I was wondering if there is a file to fix this bug.


2. Its not a big problem but I, being a perfectionist, am not quite satisfied with my sound. I downloaded the latest sound patch and almost all the sound is there (ie. hidden bosses like zero and geese). But there is a few samples that i notice are missing. I guess being a SVC freak you pick up these things. Here are the missing samples.

i)Shin Akuma's taunt

ii)Shin Akuma's Red Fire ball and Hurricane kick have no grunts when you perform it.

iii)Kim is missing a "haah", sound when he does his victory kicks.

iv)Choi is missing 1 victory sound sample.


I know its kind of weird to be asking for this but if you can help, please try.


Anyway, I all encourage you to go get the import of SVC Chaos that is now availiable in Japan for the PS2. In all honesty, this version is the absolute best. The speed for some character's move has be improved and the new transparencies in the projectiles and fire animations are astounding. Well, later. :)


Oh yes, I am using Kawaks 1.46.

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