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Favorite alcoholic beverage?



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I seriously thought that Mooney was over the age of 22.

I guess I'll take that as a complement... :clapping:


I'm actually 16.


@Gryph: I've "sampled" a few alcoholic beverages, but none of them seem very enjoyable to me.

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Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor

Ohh hoho.... This is one of the components. There is a drink that I love. It's an Oatmeal Martini. Tastes just like an oatmeal cookie.



1 shot Goldschlagger

1 shot Bailey's Irish Cream

1 shot Butterscotch Schnapps


Jose Cuervo Especial please (Silver stuff is weak) straight up.

Either or, silver is good to me too. This is a great choice!!! Smooth as ice.




I voted for Rum, But I have the Captin' in mind. But I drink all kinds of stuff. Hell, some girl was drinking the oatmeal martini one night, and I asked, "what the hell is that?" I've only had it 2 times, but it was amazing. Too bad it's weak. But it tastes amazing, so who cares. I recommend trying it.


I don't drink too often, but I know of one drink I dislike, German car bomb. It was Jager and Heineken.

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I tend to go for either something dark or something sweet

Like poop juice?



OOoooooh, definitely poop juice. Nothing like a cup of feces in the morning :punk:



Grey Goose and Belvedere have my heart, and my latest obsession is flower martinis... not the typical, it's a specialty drink at this restaurant/bar in Pasadena. It has champagne and a maraschino cherry... I forgot the rest of the ingredients :)

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if it isn't beer, then rum and coke, gin and tonic or scotch and water. I'm old fashioned.

What type of beer do you drink?


I've tried to start getting into beers since at most social events you're more likely to find beer (cheap). I'm not too into the taste but I'm definitely more acclimated to it now. I tried a Guiness Extra Stout and I felt naseous.

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