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Japan: PS3 Outsells Wii in November


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According to figures from publisher Enterbrain, Sony shifted 183,217 PS3s during the four weeks ended November 25, in comparison to 159,193 Wiis, reports Reuters.


Having dominated the gaming hardware market during the previous generation, Sony has struggled to establish its next-gen console amidst fierce competition from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (in the US and Europe), which launched a year prior to the PS3, and Nintendo’s family-friendly Wii, both of which have built up far larger user bases.


A lack of AAA software and a high price point have often been cited as reasons for slower-than-expected consumer uptake of the PS3, although a growing software library and recent price cut, as well as the introduction of an entry-level 40GB unit, have clearly aided sales.


While the news that Sony trumped its rivals during November in Japan will be welcomed by the Japanese platform holder, KBC Securities analyst Hiroshi Kamide questioned whether the PS3 sales momentum could be sustained.


"It's nice to see the system selling much better than six months ago. But is it a sustainable trend? Is it going to really escalate from here? I'm not so sure."




Does someone want to tell me what's going on? Are you telling me that even though the PS3 has virtually no good games at the moment, people are killing themselves to grab one now it dropped in price?


Stop the sheep!

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I would say its cuz the wii is so damn hard to get. ps3s are stacked to the ceiling.

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PlayStation is still an extremely strong brand. You'd have to know a fair bit about what's going on to turn down a PS3 at lower prices... and most people don't. The bulk of people will be expecting the same fun they had with their PS2, and will jump at that as soon as it is semi-affordable. The fact that there are no decent games for it will only come to bite them in the ass later.

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Wonder why they took Enterbrain numbers? Numbers tend to be viewed from Media Create than any other source.


Couple reasons why it did better. Also note, it only outsold the Wii in 2 weeks. This last week it didn't beat it and right at the beginning of the month it was beat out from the Xbox 360.


So with in the last 2 weeks, not counting this past week, the system had a price drop. Also Dynasty Warriors 6 came out with 188,000 copies sold. This week World Soccer Winning Eleven came out in 3rd with 141, 000 copies sold. Japan likes soccer??




Heavenly Sword debuted last week, but only sold 15,000 copies. But enough to make the charts at #7.


As for the Wii, well they have nothing but Super Mario Galaxy.


But even so, the system isn't doing great. You only have roughly 1.4 million units sold in Japan alone in it's first year. It has sold the least amount in Japan compare to the US and Europe sections of the world with each over 2 million units.


I don't expect it to last though, at least in Japan. US and Europe market will eat it up even though there aren't any real exciting games for it.

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The only reason I can think of for why the Wii could be outsold by the PS3 is that everyone in Japan already owns a Wii. (Which is probably true)


That's not true because DS sold a lot more than Wii

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