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The Good games thread!

Fatal Rose

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Phantasy Star Universe, the real online game.


Do you play this game, Fatal Rose? (and if you didn't play this game you have to buy it inmediately)

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GG to GarageInk, great guy. Had fun playing you, don't give up on VF! :thumbsup1:

GGs. it was fun. you can school me some more next time I see you online.

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Other forums have it so why can't we?

Post about your good games with various 1emulation forum members.


GG's to Black Knight last night. Sorry for cutting them short, I was tired as all hell.


No problem. Not anything against you, but I realised how crappy Dead or Alive is. I'm gonna try and get my hands on VF5 as soon as some cash comes in.

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Good games to Black Knight.

You pick up on things really fast. Sorry for cutting things short on you, did not intend to be rude. Something is wrong with my mic and my controller was not responding well to my input commands (buttons are stuck).

Anyway if you want to play some more tonight let me know.

VF5 shall bring us all together.

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