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i'm back! girl troubles and too much sex to add to it


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what gets me is that there ARE people that have such wild sex lives, but I find it hard to believe that he would have ANY time for visiting/posting on an emulation board let alone having an interest in emulation itself.


I mean... people like that... they are just too busy looking clean cut picking up chicks...

yo man, sorry if you people dont want to believe my stories. i just like posting at this place. maybe if you guys answered my questions once in a while id post some more? how do u guys expect people to stick around?


as i said when i first signed up here, my bro set this account up as he visits this site everyday. he told me to post in the lounge, so thats where i usually check.


thanks fatal rose for backing me up

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anyone with that much p*ssy related crap in their sig has to be on the up and up right?



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hey all, its been a very long time since i last posted here. sorry for all dat, my girls have been too horny these days. the crazy thing is that i only have 1 serious girlfriend, but i got a lot of my old gals calling me up to hook up. i can not resist the urge.


some of these girls are really looose though, know what im saying? i feel like im swimming my wang in pudding. damn hoes!!!!


i love white chicks more than black chicks though. black chicks are good but it takes too much energy to get them satisfied. white chicks are easy, few ups and downs and theyre padding me on the back.


you guys like black chicks or white chicks? i try to stay away from asian chicks, theyre too loud. they flocking scream too much and i get an earache and headache after the sex is over. now i know why so many guys online love asian chicks, probably because their wang is too small and asians dig everything and anything. thats cool and all, i respect dat, as id do the same. get what pleases you da most.


its good to be back at dis place. im gonna post more now that i have my own computer.


take care.

black,white.....its all good need a bit of variety!! :)

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Don't forget to stay safe!



hahahahahah oh man that was hilarious.


Anyway what other girl problems do you have supasoaka?

well, i got this other girl, her name is rachel. she is a bit fat though, im not really into big mamas. she has a huge tattoo on her ass though, its a dragon. what the flock is up with these girls? i dont want to stare at some dragon when im stickin my wang in their booty? this dragon has flames coming out of its mouth and crap, it flocking scares the hell out of me.


im afraid it might eat or burn my wang :)


yes, i read the bible. i sing in the quire at our church. thanks for the picture of the condom with the telephone wire. im going to set it as my bros wallpaper. he'll love it.

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