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Macbooks, they suck dont they?


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I don't really have a problem with macs besides their ridiculous prices. You can always change the OS later. It used to be a problem with their crappy architecture but not really anymore. Personally I don't like OSX though, I can see why some people like it, but I find it to be far from efficient for getting work done. Theres just so much bullshitting around on macs to get things to work right I don't even want to deal with it. I had the "privilege" of using one of the new G5s or whatever (The super expensive desktop line) for my web design/animation class and it was such a pain in the ass editing on the mac that I eventually dropped the class. Which probably had more to do with the crappy mac to pc support (I had to do some work at home obviously). There where a ton of little pain the ass things about it though that added up and just made it impossible. Such as the way the mouse moves, I will never be able to get used to that and draw anything with that, even with mouse smoothing entirely off I couldn't get the damn mouse to move right. I like my jerky mouse movements. Someone told me its just the mighty mouse that does that though and if I had brought my own mouse in it would have been fine, but what a pain in the ass that would have been. I just don't like the weird organization of the whole OS. It reminds me of Vista where its trying to be TOO user friendly and ends up being way less efficient for power users.


Then again I will never ever ever buy a pre-built PC ever again. So I'm only taking laptops into consideration which are all overpriced to begin with. (which is why I STILL don't have one for college which sucks)

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If I had the money, I've love to get a G5 for music development. Simply because I'm used to all that crap. There was a period I had to use macs for 2 years nearly straight through (on the weekends I went home to my PC) and have grown fond of them. Their music software is WAAAAAAY better then the selection on windows. And I like their video editing software more, the only thing that's compareable to that on windows would be Sony Vegas.


Remeber, MS rips Apple off on everything :V

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Eh see I disagree there too, Macs used to have an enormous software advantage, but now that all the adobe products are on PC too, not so much.


It still has a software advantage for all that user friendly crap like garage band, but professionally, about equal. So your back to deciding between actual OSes.

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